Hello Hello… It is a beautiful day, I woke up with the sunshine in my eyes. And this means that iI am going to enjoy the day to my fullest. When I wake up I take a light nurturing breakfast and do some yoga to flex my muscles. Then I will play for a few hours on my musical instrument, ask me in my room what I am playing! After that, I am going to read some news about the world and then after my 2nd coffee, I go to my bedroom to pick my lingerie for today, I will picture my fans their responses and sometimes this results in more searching and disappearing into my closet.  While I picked my outfit for today I open my message center and answer the offline messages my fans have sent me. After that, I put a nice fresh blanket on my bed and lay down for a few seconds, and start to fantasizing already! Then, you are in my room for the very first time and you tell me your name…. I responded, and you and I are discovering we have a lot in common, and this will be for the both of us a perfect start!

When you are inside my room, everything will change, watch and enjoy!
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