Hello, I a Paola and I am welcoming you with a big smile to your new home, my bedroom. I am full of life, and I always am trying to make today the best of all, trying to improve the previous day. I am full of Passion, and I think Sex is part of Life. I wish we would be less taboo about it, but then again, where would be the excitement? When you are in my room, I will try to seduce you with my personality and with my body, and when this moves you a little then it means I am getting through to you! When I perform a dance for my fans, I always feel that I am loved and admired, and keeping my fans happy is something that I consider a duty! Fans are people who have spent time with me in private before and they have a member name that I recognize. Fans are people who become my friends and help me throughout the day. Even when they are not into sex for the moment, they are kind enough to let me know I am on their minds! These are some of the nicest things you can tell a woman! Let us meet in my room, and we will let our brakes loose and go full gear!

When you are inside my room, everything will change, watch and enjoy!
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