Hello. I am Nicolle, I have 22 years and I am a Big Breasted Women, or like people refer, big beautiful women, both definitions apply to me 🙂 I have signed up on KittensLive last week and this is my first post on the internets, my goal? To collect souls and take them to my darkroom and give them a devilish naughty time. I love to be admired, knowing your eyes are feasting on my voluptuous body makes me instantly wet. And to show you that I am really as sexy I believe myself to be I made for you a sexy clip. This is for you so you can see how horny and naughty I can be. Showing off my body in front of any camera makes me feel powerful and in control. I would love to do this as long as I can, and I will be here for you whenever you need me. Come to my live cam room and strike up a sexy conversation with me!

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