Hello, I am Mia, I am a friendly person, and I am also known to be sweet from time to time. I am a good listener and I am always taking my time to really understand. I am very happy to have new people in my rooms from time to time. I love the adventure of meeting a new soul, asking him/her some things that will help me to understand who he is, and what he wants.  I am very open towards older people who have a little more time and are appreciative towards me cause I am fulfilling their most wanted wish already in free chat, talking with a young lady without them fearing to be categorized as a pervert. Older guys are more fun to me,  cause they know more, and they have more experience with different types of people.  Anyways, I added my first pictures on my profile and a little movie where I showoff myself.

I am going to welcome you to my live cam room, how awesome is that?
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