I am Kaylee, and when asked to tell me a little about myself I can only remind what others tell about me cause It is hard to tell things about yourself. I am considered to be a calm and sensual lady, I have friends who tell me I am bringing them joy when talking with me. I always smile and I am very focused. I believe that being a friend is part of being a responsible human. However, in my live cam room, I am going to be more than just a friend, I am going to be a cam model for you that shows everything that others will never see. I am going to make you feel wonderful and admired like you make me feel. In our introduction chat, I urge you to be and remain honest, cause I can only give you when you tell me you want to see, I am not a mind reader, so when you have a little desire and not feeling talking about it, just remind, I have heard it all and seen it all, your secrets are safe in my mind!

I love to talk with you today, maybe we can have a naughty little playtime together in my bedroom.
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