Hello there, nice seeing you here. My name is Helena and I am 19 years, and I am since a week a new live cam model. Life started to become interesting again, I love to be with myself, safe in my bedroom, playing with my little pussy and fingering myself to multiple orgasms, and since I am here I can do this with you at my side. And while you watch me and get undressed you will move next to me, and put your lips on my tits and make me incredibly horny, in the meantime my hand is already wrapped around your penis and I am ordering you to come up and move your penis to my mouth while I am fingering myself, so I can take it in my mouth and taste it with my lips and use my tongue to harden your penis.  Many moments of love-making will happen to us, many positions, many sounds, many moments of pure joy!

I will love to hear about your naughty fantasies. Let's meet now in my bedroom.
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