1 of the many? No, I am Alysson, unique in her kind. I am born to spread joy and pleasure. If I was active in politics, heaven would be born tomorrow on this very same planet we are destroying. Sometimes I catch myself off guard dreaming about the ocean, beaches, and blue water and the sound of waves, but then I wake up rudely and realize I am living under a bridge listening to the cars all day. No, I am not poor, I just live in a place where cars are more important than women. I am here to meet guys who are into me, they have watched my picture and think “That’s the girl I want to fuck” … if you are one of those guys, then my room is open to you and I am more than willing to hear about how you want to fuck me.

I want to say thanks to all the hardworking guys on this website! For me, it is every day a day of the man!!
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